5 Reasons, Pragmatic Idealism, Makes Sense, And Is Needed

Although, many people, complain about the attitude, pragmatic88, behavior, rhetoric, and direction/ actions, of Donald Trump, as President, many of them, should take an objective, introspective, look, at themselves, and realize, while there were many reasons, he was elected in 2016, some of the prominent ones, include: voter apathy (less than half of eligible voters, voted); pouting because the Democratic candidate was not their, first choice; and, a degree of being, unrealistic, about what is probable, in terms of achieving, what it requires, and why, historically, a degree of compromise is needed, to reach a needed, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good (or greater good). With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, pragmatic idealism, makes sense.

1. Often, won’t get passed/ approved: There’s a need, to seek, common ground, or, partisan politics, will interfere with getting things done. After all, if any idea, goal, etc, isn’t passed, and/ or, approved, it will achieve little. Doesn’t it make sense, to go, step – by – step, in a quest for something more ideal.

2. Greatest idea, without implementation, achieves little: Even the best, most essential, logical idea, if it isn’t implemented, achieves little! We need leadership, which is willing, to speak to others, reach out, across the aisle, and put policy, the nation, and the greater good, ahead of partisan politics, etc!

3. Political realities: Anyone, watching the recent, Democratic candidate debates, probably, observed, quite a bit of quibbling about specific details, when they would be better served, by articulating broader strokes, which focused on the so – called, bread – and – butter, issues, including jobs, the overall economy, alternatives (more humane) towards immigration policies, environmental/ Climate Change concerns, etc. When they focus on how idealistically – pure, they are, and the commitment to, Medicare for All, for example, they ignore the reality, which is, unless the Democrats take over control of both houses of Congress, as well as the Presidency, in 2020, they are, walking – the – plank! While many agree, universal health care, should be a right, the discussion should focus on the concept, and a way, to balance, what is, with what can be approved! This, also refers to, addressing the dangers of Climate Change, in a unifying manner, as opposed to a divisive one!

4. Motivating and inspiring the public: If change, for the better, is the objective, the emphasis must be, on a common sense, approach, which is, both, motivating and inspiring, to the public! The finest way, to get things done, is, to involve, the public, and have them, demand better, from their elected officials!

5. Bringing factions together: President Donald Trump, seems to have perfected, the politics of polarization, dividing the nation, and appealing to his core supporters, using empty promises, rhetoric and vitriol, and, appearing to deny, concepts and realities, such as Climate Change, and protecting the environment!

What good, is being idealistic, unless/ until, it one gets something done, to address the need? This requires, a willingness, to be somewhat pragmatic, in order to achieve, worthwhile objectives, rather than merely talking about them!

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