A guide to pairing sour beers with food

While craft beer in London has become quite famous among the beer loving populace,A guide to pairing sour beers with food Articles sour beers are certainly an acquired taste, but if you are a sour beer lover from way back buy pappy van winkle, then you can surely find something to pinch your tastebuds by searching for sour craft beer near me through the many online stores you find these days.If you love your sours, then here are some great food pairings that go with the different sour styles.

Lambics – A very common type of sour beer, where fruits and berries are added to it before the fermentation process making them less sweet. Raspberries, apricots and cherries are some popular additions for Lambics and the final beer will take on the colour of the fruit used. This type of sour beer is best with a green salad mixed with goat cheese, or even Belgian waffles with loads of berries on it.
Berliner Weisse – A sour beer style that comes from Berlin Germany, and has very distinct citrus notes to it, and a sourness with the addition of raspberries and woodruff. Some nice salty food, like salty French Fries will go ideally with a Berliner sour.
Gose – This beer is fruity and tangy, and refreshing on a hot day. Brewers of Gose beer add salt and coriander to their ingredients with just a hint of fruit to balance out the salt, giving a well-balanced spicy and sweet taste to the beer. This sour beer ideally compliments seafood, whether you are looking at clams, lobster, crab or fish. Pairing it with goat cheese also brings out the lovely citrus flavours of the beer.
Flemish Beer – A very acidic beer, that goes well with many types of food including red meat, pizza, and chocolatey desserts.

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