A Residential Architect Discusses Remodeling Bathrooms And Kitchens

Homeowners must closely look at the condition of their bathrooms and kitchen before placing a house on the market. These areas get the greatest amount of daily traffic. Bathrooms and kitchens can determine how long a house stays on the market. Bathrooms and kitchens can often make or break a deal. A residential top Miami architects can help remodel a bathroom and kitchen to increase a house’s resale value and appeal.

Typically, homeowners consider highly visible areas, such as living or dining rooms, when they are thinking about remodeling. Although this is a good idea, most bathrooms remain untouched and still have their original designs. Bathrooms are less visible to guests, which is why they remain overlooked. However, due to daily use, the bathroom suffers years of neglect and eventually even its function is outdated.

Stylishly designed, highly functional bathrooms will have a positive impact upon current owners and potential buyers. A residential architect can help you select features for remodeling that can replace outdated fixtures and finishes. Through professional consultation, homeowners receive valuable information about the current styles and designs for lighting, mirrors, vanities, sinks, tubs, faucets and other fixtures. Stylish and functional bathrooms will differentiate one home from another from a prospective buyer’s mind. In many homes, the bathroom can be the main “selling” feature that pushes the deal through.

The kitchen is another important selling point. A residential architect can explain what elements a kitchen needs to help sell a house. An outdated kitchen can still be functional, but if it is not aesthetically pleasing, then the chances of finding a buyer is much lower. An architect can add appealing elements to a kitchen, such as space efficiency, storage and appliance capabilities.

A residential architect can help homeowners choose more energy efficient appliances to replace old ones that consume a lot of energy. One of the most important considerations for buyers is energy costs. Energy costs continue to rise, compelling people to look for energy efficient appliances to save on monthly utility bills. A residential architect can help homeowners create a budget for kitchen remodeling and choose appliances that are aesthetically appealing, functional and save energy.

Consulting with a residential architect about remodeling the bathrooms and kitchen in a home is a good way of getting valuable information. The architect will be able to inform homeowners of how to keep a remodeling project well within a budget, while increasing a home’s value

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