Architecture and Buildings – Architecture Favorites of All Times

Time is ever flowing. Time is an ocean, extremely vast and immensely deep. The currents of time take a person along with it. But in this vastness and chasm, there are many things those can quell the time. The ancient residential architects in Palm Springs can defeat time. The old monuments, temples and buildings are the signs of memories, shared by people who wanted to defeat the time. People made huge buildings to make the time realize that yes they got the talent to freeze and capture it in its own cage of years. You can take advantage to see the captured bird of time by planning your vacations to these places.

There are amazing and spectacular architectural wonders which are not only master-pieces but also considered as the most wonderful favorites of all times. If you haven’t planned your vacations, just take the advantage of this article and keep reading till you decide the next place to visit for the coming vacations. If you consider just the past thousand years you can see hundreds of architectural wonders. The charisma of those buildings is ever astonishing. Every architectural master-piece tells a story and shares the memories. If you too want to share the good times and want to make it part of your memory, plan out your vacations to these architectural wonders.

Church of St. Denis in Paris is one of the oldest buildings, built in late 12th century. This church considered as the corner-stone for Gothic style cathedral architecture. The vertical design of the church is spectacular. Another amazing piece of architecture is The Forbidden City in Beijing. This palace is one of the most preserved and well-kept buildings. There are thousands of precious treasures and antiques in this building. This palace was built for 24 emperors of the time. If you have not visited this place, just do it now because this place is worth visiting.

Taj-Mahal stands exceptional on India’s land. This amazing architecture is sign of love and is one of the seven wonders on earth. In 1989 there was an amazing and outstanding tower built in Paris called Eiffel Tower. This tower provided the architecture, a new style and technique. Metal was used for the first time in construction of such a huge structure. There are many other architectural wonders in world which are worth visiting and vacation destinations for the luxurious time.

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