Become a Better Christian Husband by Improving !

There is an easy, effective, and very enjoyable way to become a better Christian husband. It has to do with better jesus gospel of love!

Think about it. Showing more affection towards your Christian wife is a huge step in becoming a better Christian husband. And there isn’t a more affectionate place than the bedroom.

Improving your Christian sex life achieves a number of objectives. It shows your wife that you are taking steps to improve intimacy. You are also placing primary focus on her needs and desires! This is huge. You are paying attention to her needs in the bedroom rather than your own (of course you will benefit as well though).

It also brings you closer together as a couple. Better intimacy in the bedroom always leads to more natural affection outside the bedroom. Holding hands, kissing, and staring lovingly at one another will all naturally increase.

As a Christian husband, your job should be to always seek new and exciting ways to please your wife. Unfortunately many husbands neglect improving intimacy in the bedroom as a way to please their wives. Instead they may lavish them with gifts, or going out, or even doing extra chores around the house thinking this is going to make them great husbands!

While many wives certainly appreciate extra chores around the house, what many women really want is extra intimacy in the bedroom. This can often be a touchy subject, one that neither husband nor wife will bring up. As a husband you should take initiative and create a more exciting bedroom life before things turn stale.

How to improve your sex life:

There are many ways to improve Christian sex. First I would seek answers to any questions you have on what is allowable and what is frowned upon within the Christian religion. Often this is a big roadblock for many couples. They hit a wall and fear that adding a new position or new intimacy technique could be sinful. These worries are often misguided. Many Christians learn that much is allowed within sexual practice as Christians. And what is not allowed is usually obvious matters, such as anything that can be harmful or uncomfortable for the wife or the husband. There are different opinions on certain acts or positions, and if concerned the both of you should research the varying opinions, pray and decide what you should go with.

More sex. For many couples, it may be a simple matter of frequency. Sometimes having more sex is the magic bullet needed for improving your love life. Couples often get into a set routine with work, children, church, school and errands. Before they know it, they find themselves only becoming intimate once every month or so at best. This should NOT be acceptable. Couples should always share moments of intimacy every week that goes by. It doesn’t always have to be sex either. But seeing as sexual practice is a very high level display of celebrating the union between husband and wife, as well as celebrating the great gift of pleasure that God has given the both of you, it definitely should be practiced regularly, and as often as each spouse feels comfortable with.

New positions are always an easy way to break the ice for improving Christian intimacy. Many couples get into a set routine in the bedroom, which includes the standard one or two different positions. There are over a dozen different positions available for Christians to practice. If you are not continually rotating and experiencing pleasure through variety, then you are definitely missing out on some exciting and fulfilling sex! A Christian intimacy guide or even Christian based sex counselors and seminars can help with learning new positions, as well as new intimacy techniques.

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