Book Marketing Is What Rich Authors Are Good At

Book marketing is something that many authors just do not get. Others, the rich ones, know that being an author is more than putting words on paper in an organized manner. Being an author is about selling books too. If you do not sell acim, then being an author becomes nothing more than journaling. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it is true.

So what does being a good book marketer entail?

First and foremost a good book marketer is not shy or afraid of telling people about their book. Telling people about your book does not have to mean standing on center stage at the local fair and holding it up like a prize. It can be a bit more subtle. Here are some tools you can use to successfully market your book and become one of those ‘rich authors.’

Website. A website is a great place to direct folks to when you are talking to them. Now you are not ‘selling’ your book, you are sending them to a place where they can learn more about your book, your information, and even about you.

Article writing. You already know that writing a book makes you the expert however writing article not only enhances your credibility; it sends people in search of your book. Place your website address in your article bio and you will sell tons of books.

Press releases. There are many opportunities to send a press release; when you are having a book signing, when a notable expert provides a review for your book, when you release your book to the general public. Send, at a minimum, a press release when your book is released and available for sale.

Associations and organizations. Online and offline networking can be a huge business boost. Online you can network by joining a few forums that are relevant to your books topic and offering helpful advice. You can also host a forum on your own website. Offline, you can join organizations relevant to your books topic. These organizations not only offer you a chance to promote your book in their publications, you may have the opportunity to host seminars, lectures, workshops or just network with people that may not only be interested in purchasing your book but may turn into valuable partners.

Do not forget to market your book to bookstores, book catalogs, tradeshows, and libraries. After all…where else do people find books? Okay, the truth is we find our books in all sorts of places and the majority of books are purchased online so do not forget about but also do not forget about that specialty store in town that may end up selling thousands of copies of your book.

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