Character Education and the Accidental Teacher – Chapter 2

Character a course in miracles books assignees often become accidental teachers, forced against their wills to make business trips into high moral value country. Out of their comfort zones, and working with insignificant expense accounts, they visit as infrequently as possible, and remain only as long as they must. In Chapter 1 of this guidebook, we looked at what the accidental teacher should pack in a carry-on bag for such journeys. We turn attention now to lodging and dining. What are the best accommodations and restaurants in character education land?

Character education teachers can find accommodations and restaurants ranging from extravagantly luxurious to simple and economical – something for every school budget and every taste.

Take time to research all options. Discover every place character education land offers and choose carefully.

Where to Stay

Search the Internet and you will find a number of organizations willing to accommodate character education teachers. It is not the intent of this guidebook to give specific names of such organizations. They come and go as physical hotels do. It is more to your advantage to learn what to look for.

Use these hints to find that one place that will make every trek into character education country comfortable and profitable.

Know Your Options

Character education teachers will want to browse online to find the establishments that can best accommodate their needs. You will want to compare online prices and amenities to make the selection that will best meet your individual needs.

1. Big Budget Options. Some high price, opulent places offer optional group tours, taking you and your coworkers to visit six cities in character education land. True, the country has sixty-six cities, but the tours focus on only six. In addition to these tours conducting you to the six cities, they give you detailed instruction on how to conduct your business in the land. Such organizations are often very large and well-known. They appear luxurious from the outside and often contain a fancy presidential suite. The accidental teacher who is wise recognizes, however, that fame and outward appearance are not everything.

2. Small Budget Options. If you find that such accommodations in character education land cost more than you wanted to spend, or do not provide what you really need, keep looking. Consider a lesser-known establishment. Look for one that takes a personal interest in you. High value can be gotten from those who, in lieu of limited guided tours, provide detailed maps to all sixty-six of the countries cities. You will find their map notes very helpful in completing your business in every one of the country’s cities.

3. Frequent Visitor Options. Seasoned travelers to character education land have learned that an establishment offering preferred membership gives frequent visitors the most value. Preferred membership provides the best that character education land has to offer – often at a discount. Comfortable preferred membership rooms are often filled with motivating reading material that will help you save money and succeed in meeting the goals you carry with you.

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