Deer Antler Velvet – Miracle Supplement, or a Marketing Gimmick

Deer Antler Velvet was believed to be a favored a course in miracles youtube channel among people in ancient China. This is a type of tissue found in early growth antlers but should not be mistaken for the Velvet that covers young antlers. This is the tissue that is found inside the antlers just before they become hard. The first mention of this ingredient being used for medicinal purposes was found on a scroll in a tomb in the Hunan province of China. It was believed that the scroll was approximately 2000 years old. Chinese herbalists considered deer antler velvet as a tonic that could be rated highly because it left a user with additional energy, greater vitality and stamina. The overall health enhancing qualities of medications made from Antler Velvet are attributed to its high concentrations of hormones.

According to a number of companies which market this product, it is supposed to be a miracle supplement which is proven to increase strength and muscle mass apart from decreasing fat in the body, increasing endurance, reducing recovery time, improving circulation, providing relief from the joint pain and inflammation and improving the functionality of the liver and the kidney. Statements have been made that it can also beautify the skin, improve the immune system within the body and enhance the functionality of the brain. Descriptions made by marketing companies can leave people astounded and lead them believe that this is indeed a miracle supplement. After all no individual in the world would want to forego the benefits that can be offered by a single product.

If marketing companies are making such claims, it would be natural for them to face some questions from the fraternity of scientists. Scientists hold the view that most claims made by marketing companies are not supported by evidence and can be overlooked. They also pointed to the fact that deer antler velvet was rich in IGF-I (insulin growth factor 1) which is the substance that was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and Major League Baseball. Scientists, therefore, believed that supplements of deer antler velvet could have performance enhancing abilities. However, the ban has since been revoked because tests conducted on athletes did not reveal any presence of IGF-I in their body.

Fortunately, studies conducted on humans have provided evidence that supplementation of deer antler velvet as a regular diet could very well impart enhancing benefits and increased vitality among the users. There is no reason to believe that taking deer antler velvet supplements could be harmful in any way for humans. This is a natural product which has only been designed after going through years of extensive research. Therefore, it can definitely be called a miracle supplement and not a marketing gimmick.

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