Factors That Contributes to Success in Life: The Effect of First 8 Years of Education

There are many factors that contribute to your success in life and the two major factors are parental education and formal educationaldepartments. The most important education is your home education. How your parents educate and influence you are crucial to your success in life. Formal education expands what your parents have taught you about life and smooths any rough edges. Formal education gives you the knowledge and the foundation to land a good paying job. Hopefully, you had good parents with good parental skills otherwise you are at the mercy of formal education and the guidance of your higher power.

We tend to focus on the last four (4) years of formal education when we talk about college admissions and not give any credit to the first 8 years of education. The foundation for high school and college success really begins with preschool education where the love of learning and the value of education are established. The value of education needs to be instilled into the young minds by the parents and the teachers with the intention that the individual will carry this value throughout life.

The parents should emphasize the importance of education as early as possible and consistently stress to the child that they expect him or her to pursue higher education.

The key to everyone’s success in life is in the first 3 stages of life: stage 1 (year 0 to 7), stage 2 (7 to 14) and stage 3 (14 to 21) Conquer future success

In stage 1 of life, some of the most important values are instilled in us in these early years and pretty much our personality is established by the age of 7. The foundation for education and life as it will be is also established. The positive things that we do with our children and the positive things that we say to our children will help to shape the person that the child will become. In stage 2 of life, elementary and junior high school education takes place and at this stage the foundation for success in high school is put in place. How each individual performs in these early stages of life greatly affect the success in high school and college.

How important is your first 7 years of life? Conquer future success

Stage 1 is the most important stage of life because if you have done your job as a parent, the foundation for success is established.

Most people don’t pay much attention to these first few years of life because most young couples are busy trying to make ends meet and get their life together. Ignoring these first few years of life is a huge mistake because this is when you can instill the values and work ethics that will affect the person for the rest of their lives. If parents spend enough time to read, talk and instill goals into these young and impressionable minds, the child will think only of attainment of success in life. We as parents, we have to mold these young minds with only positive and loving https://educationaldepartments.com/.

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