Generating Ideas For Online Products

One of the biggest problems when creating online learning content پمپ شناور is just coming up with the ideas for the product. Sometimes it seems like there is a wealth of riches and sometime it seems like you’ve used all the good ideas up.

One of the techniques is to use a topic map. But even that isn’t going to help you generate the detailed ideas that go into creating an online, learning content product.

The good news is that ideas are everywhere. They’re on the street. They’re on the television. They’re on the radio. And they’re in magazines. They’re literally ever where. All you need to do is open your mind to them.

One of the best sources for new ideas is your customer list. And here you thought building a relationship with your customers was so that you could sell product to them. Silly person! Your customers are the best source of ideas there is.

On a regular basis you should be asking your customers what problems they are having. After all, everyone will have problems as they attempt to implement your solution. Solving these problems will create the basis of very solid products for you.

You should also be asking them what else they would like to learn about. They’ve bought something from you already. So they should be pre-disposed to buy other products from you. You may even find they suggest better niches for you to develop.

Another source of information is your competitors. What products are they developing?

After all, if they are focused on the same niche as you then they are going to need products too.

Don’t underestimate your own abilities either. Read & review your material with a critical eye. Where do you think people will have problems with your material? What concepts will they need more information on? What other information would help them to use your solutions better, faster or with fewer problems?

Check the local newsstand for magazines that cater to your niche. What articles are they writing about? Do they have a letters to the editor column? What questions are being asked? What problems, disagreements or issues are being raised? Do they have a question and answer column — also known as an “ask the expert” column? What questions and problems are the readers asking for help on?

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