How to Build a Permission-Based E-mail List

As an internet text mail subscriber, you may have found or created a great product or service. You may have a super website that does an awesome job of describing what you have to offer. You may have accumulated information that you really believe would be helpful to your prospects or customers.

In this era of information overload, getting people to share their e-mail address isn’t always easy. People want their privacy…and sometimes they just don’t want to be overwhelmed by one more e-mail.

There’s good news, though. People do want to receive information that’s useful to them. Relevant information delivered when they want it, when they need it, and where they want it delivered.

The challenge, then, is to meet them where they are…in their needs, desires, fears, and accomplishments.

If you’re getting visitors to your websites, but not e-mail opt-ins, review your website. Are there multiple opportunities… and incentives… for prospects and customers to provide their e-mail information?

Is there a reasonable expectation that if they provide you their e-mail address, they will get something in return… immediately… that could be a solution… or part of a solution to their problem?

Maybe it’s a coupon; perhaps a free report; or an opportunity to contribute to, or be a part of, something “bigger” than them. What might appeal to your target audience?

How easy is the sign-up? If your prospects or customers know you well, they may not mind giving you more than their e-mail address. However, to attract new e-mail subscribers, providing just their e-mail address is often all they’re willing to do.

As you’re reviewing your website, this is a good time to check your graphics. Do they draw attention to your opt-in box? While it’s not necessary, you may want to consider a variety of sign-up options, such as buttons, text links, and check boxes.

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