How to Choose the Right Photographer for You

In all cases it is very hard to know how to choose the best Wedding Photographer NJ for the best price. There are literally thousands of good photographers out there who will offer you the best but only one of them is the person who will be right for you. I am a professional photographer and I would like to share what I have learnt over the years.

First, you need to find a list of potential photographers. Ask your friends and family if they can recommend one, personal recommendations are invaluable. Search your local area for photographers on the internet or in your local directories. These days most reputable photographers have good websites with example photographs for you to browse through.

Once you have found a photographer with the style you like check to see if their prices are listed. Price is always a factor, especially these days. With regards to the pricing, what your see at first may not always be the actual price. Sites that state “prices starting from…” can be mis-leading. Make sure you get an accurate price on the photography you want. If you are not sure contact the photographer and ask for a complete price list. They should be able to provide this. If they don’t it is possible that you may be charged additional costs you have not thought of if you go ahead with them.

With your short list of photographers chosen, contact the photographer. You can do this however you feel comfortable. I recommend you telephone them and talk to them as this will be your first contact and can give you a greater insight into the photographer. If you are happy after first contact, you must meet your potential photographer.

When you meet a person there is always an initial feeling we have which is simply human nature. This is our inner self sub-consciously making a snap decision as to whether or not they like the person and can trust them. Most of us do not listen to this and wait for the person to sell themselves, but I do think you should listen to this inner voice. The instincts we are born with should not be under estimated, they have enabled civilisation to survive for centuries!

At this point you are in a position to make an informed and good decision on choosing your photographer.

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY – If you are choosing them for your wedding day remember that they will be with you on one of the most important days of your life and will be capturing the moments that you will enjoy forever. It is a magical day and you must have absolute confidence that your photographer will deliver the style of photography you want and complete it in a time and fashion that you want. You do not want to spend hours on your wedding day having your photographs taken as you will want to spend time celebrating with your friends and family.

FAMILY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY – Choosing a photographer for your family portraits is very personal as you are inviting them to share a family moment which will be fun and full of smiles. If you are going to their studio you must be sure they have the facilities that you require and that you and your family will be relaxed and therefore looking fantastic for your photographs. If they are coming to your home with their mobile studio, you must trust that they will not only take fantastic family portraits of you and your family but also trust that they will respect your home. Family portraits are great fun to have taken and are beautiful to hang on the walls but to get those perfect pictures you must be relaxed in the environment the photographs are taken and relaxed with your photographer especially if you have younger children.

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY – Whether it is a corporate event, a formal event or a family party, your event photographer will be there taking lots of photographs capturing the event as it happens. Be sure to find a photographer with the style of photography you want to capture the event and be confident that the photographer will be able to deliver. It is not simply a case of running around taking lots of photographs, the photographer will need to be on the ball throughout the event without getting in the way of any of the proceedings. A good event photographer is one who takes lots of photographs but after the event you don’t remember seeing very much! Testimonials and examples will help with your event photographer decision and of course word of mouth.

Finally, do not spend more than you want to. There is someone out there who will deliver all you want for the price you want. Shop around. Be sure you get the images in the format you want them and be sure this is agreed before you hire your photographer.

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