How to Sell My House Myself – Keys to Successful Advertising

When I wanted to Sell my house for cash myself, I found that advertising my property was the key to a successful transaction. However, simply adverting in the typical ways did not guarantee a quick sell. I had to find a way to mimic the role that a realtor typically plays – namely showing my property to buyers without all of the expense.

Most people who want to sell their house without the use of an established or experienced real estate agent want to o so because they want to save on the sometimes expensive realtors’ fees involved in such transactions. However, using a qualified realtor has its advantages. The most important of which is the methods used to advertise the sale of your house. Realtors have unrestricted access to the MLS database which delineates an exhaustive list of characteristics used to limit and define real estate searches. They then use these refined lists to help people searching for a property find the right house for them. Realtors, in essence, help home buyers find the right house for them, thereby helping those selling their homes in the process.

However, this method does not ensure a quick sale of your home. A realtor, in reality, works for those who are buying properties, not those who are selling properties. Therefore, those individuals who want to sell their home quick must do so themselves. While sometimes intimidating, this is not a complicated or even a difficult process. The only thing that the MLS listing does is to advertise your individual property. Therefore, all that you need to do to replace this established method is to find other means to advertise your home.

There are several ways to advertise that your home is for sale. These methods range from the typical to the more creative. Typical ways include ‘for sale’ signs that direct potential buyers from busier streets and intersection to your property’s address, classified listings in local and regional newspapers, and advertisements in local real estate magazines. However, these methods do not necessarily guarantee that your property will be noticed out of the several other homes that may also be for sale.

In order for your house to stand out from the rest of the pack, more creative ways of advertising must be utilized. Instead of simply placing those tiny, tried ‘for sale’ signs on street corners, pay people to stand at busy intersections with larger more colorful signs. This will allow you the flexibility to move your advertisements as the traffic patterns change throughout the day and will also allow you to skirt some of the local restrictions on the placement and size of personal adverts. Also use the words auction instead of sale. While all real estate transactions are auctions in a sense, most people associate cheaper prices with the word ‘auction’. Finally, restrict showing the house to predetermined times, typically noon to five on Saturdays and Sundays. This creates the illusion of professionalism and also makes it easier to show your house in pristine condition.

When I wanted to sell my house myself, I realized that the key to making a successful and profitable sale was to advertize my property in creative and unique ways. This ensured that my property would stand out against the other properties on the market.

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