Reclaim Your Power Through Your Miracle Stories

How would your life transform if you acim to keep track of the miraculous events that happen in your life everyday? What do you think would happen?

As a Spiritual Coach, I work with clients around the world to bring their greatest, most cherished dreams to reality. And in this process, I’ve discovered that the more we work together toward these wonderful dreams, the more miracles happen for my clients. Dreams like having a fulfilling, happy relationship. Dreams like doing what they love to do, and getting paid for it. Dreams like feeling the flow of their own, personal Spiritual Life weaving its way through everything they do.

Is it possible to maximize your potential for miracles to show up in your life? I believe it is, and not just believe it, but have seen it in fact — factually, I mean! That’s the beauty of working on your attraction of miracles into your life; they soon become living, breathing facts in your life story.

Including the miracles in our lives in the stories we tell other people, whether they are our family members, friends, or those we meet around the water cooler at work, creates something especially powerful in our lives: A story of miracles.

What happens when we begin to relate our own story of miracles to others? Well, to be honest, some will look at you like you’ve flipped your lid. This is true, it’s happened to me.

However, others will smile, and nod, and see you in a new light, and you’ll actually see that light in their eyes, the light that says they have been there too. These are the people who will then share their miracle stories with you — and then, you’ll have a Miracle Conversation!

I want to share three miracles that happened for me last week and see if your eyes light up!

The first was a synchronous event that was otherworldly. I was talking with my brother Dave on Tuesday night about a particular kind of investment direction that he’s studying. It’s one that I looked at a few years ago, hadn’t thought of much since, and just had some thoughts about it last week. Dave is high on this idea, and I said I’d check it out some.

When I got home, in my mailbox was a brochure about this very same investment path, something I hadn’t received any info on for a couple of years. I smiled and told my partner about it that night.

The second miracle happened when I drove away alone from a meeting with a client, declaring out loud that I wanted to increase my income to a certain amount per month, and asking Spirit and my angels to help me do this. Two hours and 35 minutes later, a friend called offering a business venture, and said that he knew I wanted to raise my income to the very same amount that I had stated in my prayer request earlier that day. I hadn’t talked with him in over a year about money.

And the healing happened when I met with another client and opened up our session to Spirit, asking for help and guidance. A wonderful feeling of trust and relaxation came to us both. At two points during our meeting, we both actually heard the same words in our thoughts and later shared these with each other during our session’s meditation time.

Miracles are all around us, all the time. I often tell my clients, “Pay attention daily to synchronicity and serendipity as it occurs, and make note of it.”

Making note of our miracles not only embeds the miraculous in our own reality and thinking, but it also brings the miracles we experience into the very stories of our lives, which others then see us living.

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