Roller Shutters Or Security Shutters For Your Business?

When we think of modern door خرید کرکره برقی در تهران, we think of industrial strength metal doors attached to vulnerable mediums such as glass. The shutters can be fairly easy on the eye, but some still give some sense of protection without being overly aggressive. The main purpose of security shutters is for protection from people trying to get in, or even ram raiders using cars. A lot of security shutters can give the impression of a dangerous area and this if often true.

Roller shutters are perhaps slightly less obtrusive as they can be automatically rolled up during the day to give the impression that they were not even there in the first place. The older style of roller shutters were often rolled down manually using a chain or just on tracks. The old style of shutter still exists, but automatic ones are more sought after in this day and age of automation.

Most security shutters and roller shutters are made from aluminum which is lightweight but also hard to penetrate at the same time. No oil or grease is needed to keep the shutters in operation and here are many options available for different types of slats finished and controls.

Modern security shutters can be a much cheaper option to electric roller shutters overall but if its time saving devices that you need, then I would recommend electric shutters. In both cases, I would recommend purchasing lightweight aluminum shutters as anything else will be cumbersome and not as protective as they could be.

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