Steroids And Sports – With All Due Respect Congress Keep Away

Steroids and sports is a very serious issue. While it is proper for the lawmakers of this or any country to create laws making buy injectable steroids online with credit card users and sellers criminals. It is not right for Government to tell a private industry how to handle their own internal affairs. The perception by congress is that Baseball and the other major sports in this country have a Steroid issue and if these sports don’t move fast to resolve this issue that congress will enact laws to resolve the steroid problem in sports.

Congress claims to be worried about young children in organized sports from little league through high school who follow the example of these major leaguers and take performance enhancing steroids, Are congress imposed penalties on the professional level really going to change the level of usage among children?

If congress is really concerned about the children wouldn’t it be better to spend their energy on toughening the laws and enforcing the laws. Shouldn’t the dealers and suppliers be the focus of congress instead of the rare athlete who gets caught. It appears that baseball has the steroid situation well in hand. Only a handful of players tested positive for steroid Use. How many players want to go through the mental abuse of the fans that Rafael Palmeiro was subjected too after his recent suspension after a positive steroid test.

Many ballplayers have already expressed disgust over steroid use. Wouldn’t it be better to allow the sports to continue in the direction they are heading since it appears they are moving in a positive direction. Mike Makler Offers Financial Services (Mortgages,Life Insurance, Annuity) in Florissant Missouri which is in North St. Louis County Missouri Just Across the Bridge from St. Charles Missouri.

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