Stump Removal Can Make Your Yard Healthier, Safer, and More Attractive

Maybe you moved into a home with a stump in the front yard. Or maybe your beloved maple died last year, and all that remains is the stump. Either way, do you really need to get rid of the stump grinding wollongong? Is it hurting anyone or anything by just sitting there in your yard?

Unfortunately, even if it’s not a problem now, that stump could become a serious issue in the future. Dead tree stumps can become hazardous and irritating, in addition to being unsightly-especially once they begin rotting. Call in a tree services professional for stump removal and look forward to a smooth, safe, stump-free lawn.

Aesthetic Considerations

Imagine your yard spreading out before you, lush and green and filled with trees and flowers. Now imagine a large rotting tree stump in the middle of that idyllic scene. Not so pretty anymore, right? Tree stumps can make your land look neglected and unkempt. They can bring down the value and first impressions people have of your home. In front of a commercial space, they can make a business look unappealing, like its owners can’t be bothered to consider how they present their store, office, or restaurant to the world. Getting rid of that stump shows that you care about your outdoor space. Stump removal can also clear the way for new construction and landscaping.

Safety and Health Considerations

Beyond being unsightly, tree stumps can be hazardous to the health of your family or anyone who uses the property. People might not see them underfoot and trip-an eventuality that, for homeowners and business owners alike, can result in lawsuits. Children might try to play on the stump and fall or get dangerous splinters. Meanwhile, rotting stumps attract vermin and pests, and you certainly don’t want carpenter ants, termites, or other creatures taking up residence close to your home or commercial space. Stump removal is the answer to all of these problems.

How Stump Removal Works

Whether you’re felling a tree and want to remove the stump afterward or you have a stump that has been there for years, the process of getting rid of it is the same. Many tree service professionals utilize stump grinding methods, using a machine to grind the wood down until it’s even with the earth around it. While the roots remain underground, you can plant grass over top of where the stump used to be and enjoy a smooth, flat lawn. Those underground roots, meanwhile, will decay naturally over time.

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