The Significance of Venus in Astrology

The planet of love – Venus plays a key role in astrology. According to Vedic astrology, this planet is personal astrology reading a crucial factor in an individual’s love life and happiness. In this article, we will find out more about Venus and its effect on our lives.

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Importance of Venus in Astrology

Venus is quite similar to Earth in its size and mass and is often considered the sister or twin of Earth. As per Vedic astrology, Venus is regarded as an auspicious planet. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that one can enjoy marital and physical happiness due to Venus. Indulgence, material happiness, romance, beauty, and art are all related to Venus. Venus is the lord of signs, namely Taurus and Libra. Among the planets, Venus is friendly with Saturn and Mercury. Venus is unfriendly with the Moon and the Sun and neutral with Mars and Jupiter. Mostly, Venus is exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo. Venus’s transit is for 23 days, meaning this planet lasts for 23 days in a zodiac sign. Friday is dedicated to Venus.

Venus is known to have feminine energy. According to Vedic astrology, if the planet Venus is strong in an individual’s horoscope, they will have a good love life. Venus enhances the feeling of love and romance between couples. If Venus is in a strong position in your horoscope, your love life and marital life will be happy. On the other hand, if this planet is in a weak position or a negative position with a malefic planet in an individual’s horoscope, the individual will face troubles in their love life and with their family. They might even face a lack of physical appeal. An individual might become less romantic due to the weak positioning of Venus. A weak Venus can make your life go through major ups and downs, and married couples might also face differences between them. The native might not enjoy any material pleasure as well. A negative or afflicted Venus can cause problems like over-indulgence, unhappiness, dissatisfaction from your partner, a troubled married life, lack of love and affection from people close to you, loss of wealth, selfishness, and many other complications.

Influence of Venus on People’s Lives

A strong Venus in a horoscope can give excellent results. Venus in the horoscope means that the individual is likely to be beautiful and attractive. The individual is usually soft-spoken. You will easily attract people of the opposite sex. Venus in the Ascendant creates an interest in the field of art. The planet Venus is affiliated with music, dance, singing, and fields like drama, theatrics, etc.

Venus is considered to be the second most auspicious planet after Jupiter in astrology. Venus makes you joyful and charming. In astrology, Venus is also about love, luxury, beauty, and harmony. It represents grandeur, comfort, wealth, aesthetics, creative expression, sensual pleasures, indulgence, charm, grace, among other things. Venus is known to help you bring out a more attractive and refined side of yourself to the outside world. Venus enables you to appreciate everything wonderful around you. Love, warmth, kindness, affection, understanding, etc., are feelings or attributes linked with Venus. This planet is the natural signifier of relationships and bonds between people. This is why passion, carnal pleasures, and receiving happiness through your partner, attracting others, and getting attracted by others all come under Venus.

This planet is known to create mutual feelings of comfort and trust between people. Under its positive influence, you will get admiration for your work and receive attention from others. Venus is also behind the beautiful coming together of the two souls in a relationship and ensures love and bliss. In Vedic astrology, Venus also plays a crucial role in marriages.

Professions Related to Venus

When it comes to professions and vocations, Venus rules fields related to the performing arts. It also represents careers related to beauty parlours and hotels. Beauticians, actors, painters, lyric-writers, singers, cinematographers, art and film directors, photographers, anchors, poets, etc., are examples of professions related to Venus. Occupations related to luxury, such as fashion-designing, interior-designing, architecture, modelling, etc., are also associated with the planet Venus.

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