Tree Surgeon vs Arborist: What’s their difference?

There are many people that don’t really know or understand the difference between these two professions. And, there are some people that even think that this is one profession and that you can call them both for the same type of indoor trellis. With this information, you will be able to make sure that you know the difference between a tree surgeon and the arborist. So, that you can know which one to call when you need tree trimming or pruning.

The main difference between a surgeon and arborist

A tree surgeon is someone that is doing the normal tree work. Like pruning, trimming and cutting down trees. The one that you will hire when you actually need to get a tree trimmed or pruned. This is the person that will make sure that your trees are healthy and that it is getting the regular care and maintenance it needs to grow strong and healthy.

An arborist is someone completely different. This is someone that you will call if you see that your trees and plants have diseases on. They are going to identify and treat tree diseases. He will also be able to tell you what tree will be grown successfully in your garden and which won’t. This is basically someone that you will call when you have questions about growing your garden and trees.

What is their day to day work?

The tree surgeon will come to trim a tree, to cut down a tree or to prune fruit trees before spring starts. He will be cleaning the trees that might have been damaged during storms or that might have fallen during the storm. 

He will also be able to cut and shape branches and give advice on how to keep your tree healthy. This is basically the everyday person you are going to call for tree services.

The arborist can also do the tree trimming and pruning, but he has more qualifications and can do other things as well. You can call him for a consultation to identify a disease on your tree, and will be able to assist with the treatment as well.  He will also make sure that the trees are safe at the construction site and that it won’t cause any damage to the foundation or to the people working around the tree.

Qualifications needed

A tree surgeon doesn’t need to have any qualifications in order to trim and to prune trees. This is something that anyone with tree knowledge and experience can do. And, he needs to have a love for trees as well.

The arborist needs to have certain qualifications in order to learn more about the different tree diseases and how to treat it correctly, without damaging the tree further.

Who should you hire for trimming and pruning your trees?

Now, who should you hire for trimming and pruning your trees? You can hire them both, but it is much more recommended that you are hiring a tree surgeon that has more experience in tree servicing to come and trim your trees.

A tree surgeon and an arborist. Is there really any difference between them? And, who should you hire when you want to get some trees trimmed or pruned? You will need to hire the tree surgeon for sure. This is the only way that you can make sure that you are going to get the right service done, without making any serious mistakes.

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