Visiting Loch Ness in Scotland

Believing in the monster is not a prerequisite for visiting Loch Ness, but you really must go there anyway. There is no doubt that Loch ness creates a chill, for it has a kind of forbidding atmosphere about it.If you know nothing about Loch Ness it is one of a series of lochs that divides the highlands of Scotland. It is some 24 miles pappy van winkle for sale, and is 750 feet deep. Castle Urquhart a huge ruin stands on a promontory overlooking the loch adding to the overall atmosphere.
Loch Ness really doesn’t need a monster to be worth a visit because it lies in such a beautiful area of Scotland surrounded by mountains, you would probably go there anyway.
The fact is that people visit, and it is a huge tourist attraction because of the fabled Loch Ness Monster. A monster that is rarely if ever seen; but nevertheless has gone down in folklore and mythology. The fact that the loch has a certain darkness to it because of the depth and the shadows from the surrounding hills just adds to the menace.

In fairness even the most sophisticated sonar devices and underwater cameras have failed to detect any trace of anything suspicious, but that doesn’t detract from the fable that is the Loch Ness Monster. In fact a monster, or more accurately something that seemed to be a monster was seen 35 years ago by a local monk. This follows on from similar sightings going back a century or more.
You may feel this isn’t much to go on, but if you look at old photographs, there is certainly something strange going on in the Loch. There is of course the alternative solution, which is a combination of too much local whisky, and a need to draw in tourists. Keeping the legend going may well have more than a little to do with it.
Of course when you visit Loch Ness, even if you are cynical about the monster you probably will arrive and just hope for a sighting. When it doesn’t happen the whole thing can become a bit of an anti climax. You shouldn’t let this happen, because there are superb hotels in the area, and the scenery is just gorgeous.

The best advice to any visitor especially one who hasn’t bought into the idea of the monster is to go up the much less travelled road along the eastern side of the loch. The whole thing isn’t possible in a day so check into the Dunain Park Hotel which is just southwest of Inverness. If you are planning a visit in the summer you will need to book early, and the best time of all to go is at the end of July when the Highland games are on.
A final word if you are visiting in the summer. Beware of the midgies, annoying little insects that will arrive and surround you in their teeming millions, and irritate you enormously. You can buy protective gear for your head and you are well advised so to do, because they can ruin what is a wonderful experience, Loch Ness Monster or not.

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