What Are Some Good Questions When Choosing A Doctor?

As we age, dr t primary care harlingen tx become increasingly important to us. Older persons will see many doctors with different specialties more and more often, so choosing a doctor is a major decision. You will probably want to write down a list of good questions when choosing a doctor. Medicare changes have prompted some unplanned changes with physicians. Changes of insurance coverage can also be a cause for changing physicians.

Here are some helpful pointers for making one of the most important choices you’ll ever have to make. Google “Interviewing a Doctor Checklist” for help in deciding whether the doctor you chose remains your choice after you talk with the physician.

Generally, a primary care physician is a family practitioner or general practice physician. They are trained to treat all aspects of a person’s health and well-being even though they have not specialized in a specific field. They treat the elderly, adults, children and newborns. If a specialized physician is indicated, a family practitioner will make a referral.

The first choice: Get a recommendation. The best way to begin the selection process is to get a recommendation from a nurse. Nurses get to observe performance in ways the rest of us never do. If you can’t ask a nurse, next best is to get a recommendation from a friend. Another doctor can make a suggestion, but you need to be sure the recommendation is on the basis of professional skills, not his golfing partner. You might want to ask if he has actually referred patients to the recommended physician and had feedback. You can also get recommendations from the web, newspaper ads or from flyers delivered to your door, but they are generic and don’t use them unless you have no other options.

Will the doctor accept your insurance plan? Once you have a physician’s name, call the doctor’s office to check whether your insurance company is accepted by the physician and/or if the doctor will accept Medicare payments and/or the supplemental policy if you have one.

What does the state say? States have a web site that will reveal complaints and licensing data. Check the State Medical Board web site for this type information and a listing of complaints.

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