Considering Natural Uncut Diamond Engagement Rings

People want individuality and personal style, not mass-produced designs meant to expedite corporate, especially when it comes to something as emotionally important as an engagement ring. To find quality designs, couples should consider independent jewelers.

In recent years, independent jewelers have led the charge in the development of innovative, affordable, and beautiful rings that outclass their chain-jeweler competitors. One such class of ring, known as Natural Uncut Diamond Engagement Rings, is becoming especially popular with couples who have an appreciation for symbolism, natural beauty, and nonstandard design. Natural uncut diamond engagement rings bring an aesthetic to the table that no other type of ring really can.

If you’re enjoying the sound of an alternative engagement ring like the natural diamond ring, then there is a lot more that might convince you to take the step away from rigid chain-store designs toward the ring you truly want.

First off, it’s worth considering the financial aspect of choosing natural uncut diamond engagement rings. Uncut diamonds cost significantly less than their cut and polished counterparts, which have to be refined and cleaned for considerably longer than natural diamonds. In addition to less expensive diamonds, many natural diamond rings utilize designs that utilize less precious metal without sacrificing appearance or durability. For an example of this, consider Olivia Ewing’s twig rings. Twig rings are handmade with a real twig from a tree of your choosing. The twig is then cast in precious metal and set with a natural diamond. The result is an incredibly beautiful ring that costs a fraction of the cost of a traditional engagement ring.

Natural diamond twig rings are also an ideal example to illustrate the next major characteristic to keep in mind when considering natural uncut diamond rings: layered symbolism. All engagement rings are symbols that represent love, fidelity, and a promise to wed. That symbolism, though, is drawn from the meanings of each part of the ring. The diamond and precious metal represent the value placed on your partner, the ring shape represents the eternity of love, and wearing the ring on your ring finger symbolizes a desire to show the world your promises. The cut of a diamond can affect the nuances of the ring’s symbolism, and a natural uncut diamond is no difference. A twig ring with a natural uncut diamond symbolizes the acceptance of someone for who they are, without demanding perfect polish and refinement. The unique way a natural diamond is set into a twig ring speaks to a natural connection, like plant and minerals in the wilderness. Finally, natural uncut diamond engagement rings reference a truly natural beauty that is as free as the wilds.

Another benefit of choosing a natural diamond is that sourcing is much easier to determine. Many people are not accustomed to thinking about the sourcing of their diamond, however, especially for a ring that will symbolize the sanctity of marriage, it is especially important to take sourcing of diamonds into consideration. Unfortunately, much controversy plagues the diamond industry in many places of the world, and this fact can color the appreciation of a ring. Choosing an uncut, natural diamond is much easier to source since it does not have to go through multiple refinement processors nor does it have to change hands many times. Artisans buying natural rings can often source them directly from the mining companies of their choice, avoiding having to deal with problem players in the diamond industry.

By far the best benefit of choosing a natural diamond ring is the ability to work with an independent artisan whose passion and creativity will be transferred directly into your ring. Buying natural uncut diamond engagement rings from independent jewelers means working with someone you can know and understand who will make you a handmade, one-of-a-kind ring. With chain jewelers, you might at best get to know where your ring was made, but you’ll never know who made it or if it was simply pumped off of an assembly line.

If the rings discussed in this article interested you, you should come by our store at All of our rings are hand-made, and we incorporate the incredible beauty of nature in our designs, making rings that no one else can offer. Whether our genuine twig rings, bark rings, uncut diamond rings, or alternative gemstone rings catch your eye, we have something for every couple desiring to break from the rigid designs of big corporate jewelers.

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