Eiffel Tower – Everything You Need To Know

Eiffel Ithum tower is considered to be one of the most beautiful structures on planet earth as it is constructed using pure gold plated steel rods. Gustav Eiffel is the name that was behind the construction of this tower and he got several awards for creating such a beauty. Today, the tower is a very popular tourist spot in Paris and many newly married couples visit it to boost up the element of romance between them as the place is surrounded by enormous hotels along with open cafes serving their customers in the best possible manner. For more information, you must continue reading this post.

The tower is made out of both metal and non metal objects and that is what makes it the most remarkable structure that weighs only 10,000 tons. There are lifts all over the place in the tower and they can carry loads of people. The Eiffel tower is free of all magnetic forces that will not affect your cell phone when you make calls or click pictures and for better safety, there are nets at each floor of the tower where the lift stops so that nothing unfortunate happens. The prices of the tickets vary given the number of people you have along with you and there are also special arrangements for newly married couples looking for a romantic hangout. You can also find great archives for brushing on the facts related to the tower and its maker i.e. Gustav Eiffel.

On the ground floor of the Eiffel tower, there are various shops governed by the descendants of Gustav Eiffel and they provide almost all possible facts behind the tower and its construction. The top floor of the tower is quite breathtaking and that is why some security members are always present there along with trained commandos for keeping people at a safe distance from the edges. There are also private elevators inside the tower as normally people working there like to move up and down the floors without any crowd rushing in suddenly when the doors open. There private lifts are very helpful to them as they help the professionals there to keep things maintained at all points of time.

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