Ever been to a resort Spectrum Mall Noida lately? Regular malls are all pretty much the same. All you do is drive over, walk around the place and shop in different stores and stall. One mall can pretty much be the same as any other. Of course there are some specifics that may make you prefer one mall over the other such as their design, cleanliness, the stores they have and the items they sell but more or less a lot of people these days realize it saves much more time, money, and effort to just shop online. All of that changes the moment you discover what a resort mall has in store for you. You can take everything you thought of malls and throw them out of the window.

A resort mall will have two things that you would come to expect of a resort mall. It will have the shopping center where you can pretty much buy anything you want and it will have a separate department which functions as a hotel for guests who wish to stay over. The mall will have more than just shopping centers since it will need to have numerous luxuries and services to keep the hotel guests entertained. For this reason you will find numerous activity centers, parks, outdoor features and eco-friendly designs in a resort mall.

For example you could find an eco-friendly cinema in a resort mall. An eco-friendly cinema is where the carpets are made from recycled carpets and everything is colored green to be nature-related. All of the cups, popcorn holders and others will all be made from recycled materials. A resort mall would also have an open air design. This means that instead of just relying on air conditioning to get the air cool and ventilated, you can expect the building to be open, allowing the air from the outside to freely flow inside the building, creating natural ventilation.

So what kind of fun activities could you find in a resort mall? You will usually find bowling alleys, music lounges or karaoke lounges, arcades and numerous restaurants. Most of the time, you will also find a decent ice skating rink as well. This is a very special addition especially if the mall is built in a relatively warm area where snow does not fall all throughout the year. You could find numerous monthly activities like wall climbing events, billiards and others constantly coming up on the mall schedule.

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